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Customer requirements
He works for the LG Company for different kinds of big size packages.
So they bought the new designed Labeling machine from our company in 2023.
Our Solutions
As their label is very thin and the weight is not within our machine’s working scope.
Our machine’s Min weight for the label is above 200gsm, but customer’s label weight Is only 140gsm. The light weight caused the label is easy to wrap on the glue roller. According to this problem, Our Boss had the meeting with our technical department right away.
Finally we find the way to change the shape of the paper pealing knife, this method successfully avoid Paper wrapping on the glue roller.
During machine training,Technician also taught customer how to use a tool to adjust the glue concentration, as if the glue concentration is too large, it will also be hard for the paper to separate from the roller.
So both improvements ensured that the paper will not be entangled in the roller.
Now the machine is running steady for customer.
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