Customized Precision for
Special Needs YOUBOND Solutions
Whatever your needs, our customized solutions will ensure precision and efficiency to meet your requirements.
What is the accuracy of the machines we can customize for you?
Our customized solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and provide high precision solutions, exceeding the maximum range of ±1.5mm accuracy of conventional models.
Professional team to solve your problems
We have more than 10 R&D engineers, assembly masters with 10 years + assembly experience, we also provide exclusive after-sales installation team, you can choose us with confidence.
Learn about our customization process
Requirements analysis
in-depth communication and understanding with the client to determine their specific needs and requirements
Conceptual Design
Based on the customer's needs, a preliminary conceptual plan is designed, discussed and confirmed with the customer
Detailed design
Based on the conceptual design, more detailed design work is carried out.
Manufacturing and Assembly
Based on the detailed design drawings, work begins on the manufacturing and machining of components.
Commissioning and Testing
After completing the assembly of the machine, commissioning and testing work is carried out.
Delivery and Training
After the machine passes the commissioning and testing, the machine is delivered to the customer and the customer is trained to ensure that they are able to operate and maintain the customized machine correctly.
After-sales service
To ensure proper operation of the machine and customer satisfaction, prompt after-sales service and support is provided.
FAQ about Glue Selection
What type of glue is recommended for laminating cardboard?
We recommend using white latex glue for laminating cardboard. White Latex can effectively fill in the unevenness of the corrugated surface and ensure a strong adhesion of the glue.
What type of glue is recommended for high-speed machines and equipment?
For machines and equipment that are high-speed, we recommend resin glue. Resin glue has a fast drying characteristic to ensure fast curing during high-speed operation and improve production efficiency.
What type of glue is recommended for semi-automatic machines and equipment?
For semi-automatic machines, we recommend the use of corn starch adhesives. Corn starch adhesive has the advantage of low cost and can meet the needs of semi-automatic operation.
What type of glue is recommended for medium-speed machines and equipment?
For medium-speed machines, we will provide you with the most suitable solution on a case-by-case basis.
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