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What is the Max GSM and Min GSM of the top sheet?
A1: A:The Duplex paper or the Cardboard from the 150GSM to 500GSM B:The Duplex paper or the Cardboard from the 100GSM to 800GSM(BK Model can do this) C: The Kraft paper from the 145-450GSM D: The glossy/ art paper is above the 120GSM (The model H can do this)
What is the Max thickness of the bottom paper? And for which paper?
A1: Two Layers : A/B/C/E/F corrugated paper Four layers : AB/BB/BE/BE/EE corrugated paper Grey board paper from the 600GSM to 1800GSM The Cardboard paper is above the 300GSM(H Model can do this) The Cardboard paper from 180-1200gsm(the BK model can do this)
Which glue does the machine use?
A1: Normally in China, the customers are using the Cornstarch glue, but this is laminating for the cardboard paper to the corrugated. If the machine is laminating machine cardboard to the cardboard, the customer will be used the White glue, because the viscosity and the quality of the white glue is better then cornstarch glue.
What types of machine do you have ?
A1: There are the Semi-automatic flute laminating machine, the fully laminating machine, high speed (servo type) laminating machine,Intelligent cardboard laminating machine,Three-in-one Slaminating machine,Labeling machine,and pile turner stacking machine (Flip flop machine).
Do you have overseas services?
A1: Yes, We can arrange our engineer to install and train for our machine overseas.
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